तुमने तो देखा होगा….

उदास ख़ामोश दरिया में फ़ैका था पत्थर तुमने
पत्थर की कंपन से जन्मे भंवर को देखा होगा…

मेरा अक्स उस भंवर में अनजाने फंस गया था
कुछ छटपाटाकर उसे ऊबरते तो देखा होगा….

थी ज़िंदगी थमी सेहएर-रेगिस्तान जैसी
अमवास को उठते रेत के भंवर को देखा होगा …

विचलित मन में हैं सवालात कई हज़ार
जवाबों को सवालों से डरते तो देखा होगा ….

मन बावरा किस भंवर में जा फँसा था
चुप चाप ख़ुद से लड़ कर सम्बहलते तो देखा होगा….

कहीं खो गया था शायद मेरा वजूद इस भीड़ में
भीड़ से निकल मुझ से मिलते तो देखा होगा …..


About Gayatri

A storyteller. Poetry, fiction, Travel tales, CSR, Parenting, Images. Writing the bestseller called Life. Communication strategist. Freelance writer. Candid photographer @ImaGeees. I travel, thus I write. I write, therefore I am. Please mail at imageees@gmail.com for writing/photography assignments.
यह प्रविष्टि कविता में पोस्ट की गई थी। बुकमार्क करें पर्मालिंक

5 Responses to तुमने तो देखा होगा….

  1. anshumali कहते हैं:

    ati sundar..
    मेरा अक्स उस भंवर में अनजाने फंस गया था
    कुछ छटपटाकर उसे ऊबरते तो देखा होगा….
    ye tadap achchi hai…
    Is tadap ke naam ek chhoti si gustaakhi……

    Phir humse se kar gaya bewafaai sooraj,
    Tumne raat ki silvato mein use khote toh dekha hoga…


  2. Piyush k Mishra कहते हैं:

    yun to poori kavita hi lajawab hai magar ek sher bilkul hila gaya-

    मन बावरा किस भंवर में जा फँसा था
    चुप चाप ख़ुद से लड़ कर सम्बहलते तो देखा होगा….

    kya baat kah di!!

    aur poori kavita aisi hai ki koi bhi padhe ise khud se jod kar dekhega…

    Khoobsoorat hai


  3. My Alter Ego कहते हैं:

    Beautiful words weaving very very delicate thoughts. I love the line “sawaalon ko jawaabon se darte dekha hoga…”. One of those few pieces that describe that mixed mood – nothing is very wrong, yet something is amiss…!! That confused state where the heart longs for something, yet the mind says, “Oh, you have so much… you have no right to complain…” and you try to drown the voice of the heart in the din we call life…
    Lovely. Aptly describes my state of mind most of the time. 🙂


  4. Shekhar कहते हैं:

    It is a wonderful poem in that it can appeal to an altogether different set of readers. An intellectual can look at it and say “Oh Yes!!! I can see this yo-yo called the mind moving from one pole to the other”. And a romantic can look at it and say, “Ah! So true. Before you came my beloved, my heart was like a calm, serene lake and now there are numerous waves. Suddenly, I have lost my tranquility. There are so many unsaid thoughts, so many unanswered questions….”. The so-called pragmatic man can identify with it too, for he too has lost his so-called “identity” in one-thousand-and-one socio…cultural…economic…political…religious…professional…….and many more norms.

    The final two lines depict a realization….a homecoming. It is an honest and realistic ending to a lovely depiction of human mind. Honest, because so many people can identify with it. Realistic, because it does not stick to either being overly pessimistic or optimistic. If the beginning leads one away from the abode, the end brings you back and one re-discovers oneself. Both are real possibilities where as perpetual pessimism / optimism is only a poetic possibility.

    My congratulations!!! Well-written.


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